Guide to Investment More...
      The Establishment of Foreign-funded Enterprises 21/07/2015  
      Procedure for Setting Up Foreign-Invested Enterprises 04/01/2013  
      Documents for Establishment of Joint Venture (JV), Cooperative Ente... 04/01/2013  
      Resident Representative Offices of Foreign Investors & Enterprises ... 04/01/2013  
      Hiring Local Domestic Helpers 04/01/2013  
Pillar Industries More...
      Automobile 24/03/2011  
      Petrochemical 24/03/2011  
      Electronic Information 24/03/2011  
      Bio-Pharmaceutical 24/03/2011  
      Tertiary 24/03/2011  
Investment Advantages More...
      Guangzhou Advantages in 2015 13/07/2015  
      Guangzhou Avantages 04/01/2013  
      List of The World's Fortune 500 invested in Guangzhou(Total investm... 04/01/2013  
      Business Environment of Guangzhou 24/04/2012  
      Areas at and above Village Level to Achieve Full Coverage of WLAN 01/06/2011  
Proposed Projects More...
      Key Project 09/05/2009  
      Industry 09/05/2009  
      Agriculture 09/05/2009  
      Tertiary Industry 09/05/2009  
      Consultation & Solut 09/05/2009  
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      Samsung Guangzhou Mobile R&D Center: Localization leads to Growth 09/12/2013  
      Exclusive Interview of General Manager of LG Display: The 8.5th Gen... 09/12/2013  
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