Haizhu District

I. Brief Introduction

Situated in the central part of Guangzhou City, Haizhu District is the only island district in the City, surrounded by tributary waterways of Pearl River, with 47.35 kilometers of river line in total. Haizhu Districts boasts of excellent geographic location, rich land resources, expansive water network, orchards and scenic spots. With an area of 90.45 square kilometers and total population of 890 thousand, the District achieved its GDP in 2006 worth of 34840 million yuan with a year-on-year growth of 12 percent.


II. Development Focus

The goal to develop Haizhu will be described as “ Five Focuses”. Efforts will be focus on a Haizhu District featured by learning , culture , science & tech, ecology and business so as to make a modern central district in the city. Strives will be made to facilitate its tertiary industry with the mid- and high level tertiary industries as the mainstay and actively optimize its secondary industry as well. Other efforts made will be on the development of convention and exhibition services, creative, eco-friendly tourism, commercial chains, modern logistics, service and headquarter –related economy .


III. Industrial Development and  Investment Promotion Focus

In the eastern part of Haizhu, focus will be laid on the development of Pazhou convention & exhibition economy and headquarteseconomy as well. Within the central part, emphases will be focused on the development of series of exclusive markets for specialties, creating a commercial corridor at the south of Guangzhou Avenue. As for the western part, priority will be concentrated on the high standard Jiangnan Xi, Commercial Rim together with the landmark project construction of New GrandBuy Mall, Jiangnan Underground Mall, Jiaxin Commercial Center, Everbright Commercial Center and Lianxin Cultural Star City. With its sound economic development, Haizhu is striving for a new module of economic development.


i. Pazhou Convention & Exhibition Economic Zone

Fuelled with the relocation of the world-renowned Canton Fair into Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center and the import function to the Fair, Haizhu District will focus on convention and exhibition services as, combined with international commerce, administrative businesses, tourism and sightseeing to make a modern CBD in convention and exhibition.


Investment focus will be laid on the land project of First City Dye-making Factory. Along Xingang East Road, the land is to the east of  Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center and covering an area of 150 thousand square kilometers. This area is planned to be an internationally competitive platform for services, products and business transactions, as well as a powerful well-integrated international textile city in South China.


ii. The Economic Zone on the island waterfront

Fuelled by the rich water resources and Guangzhou TV Sightseeing Tower, such tourism belts as Taigucang and Dabancang will be promoted to develop service, recreation, entertainment and culture. Focus will also be put on the west side of North Gongye Avenue where the No. 11 Rubber Factory is located. Covering an area of 53,975 square meters and a construction area of 434,420 square meters, this region will   be explored to facilitate Everbright Properties, a commercial center, where the high-end tertiary industry projects are well suited.


iii. The Eco-friendly Orchard Economic Zone

This development zone is expected to focus on better cultivation and preservation of the orchards, exploration of the historical resources in Lingnan-style village towns in Xiaozhou, and the development of eco-friendly agricultural tourist industry. The mid- and high-level tertiary industry in its surrounding and peripheral region will be developed by fully tapping the rich eco-resources of  6,800 thousand square meters of orchards.


iv. The Subway Economic Development Belt

The completion of Metro lines 2, 3, 4 and 8 as well as the Inter-City Express Rail between Guangzhou and Foshan is expected to generate the subway-related economy, which will surely promote the development of commercial services along Jiangnan Avenue, South Guangzhou Avenue, Xingang Road and Gongye Avenue, and further the development of the commercial zone (including West of Jiangnan and Chigang) and commercial corridor on Guangzhou Avenue South.

The major proposed projects include the following:


1.Lianxin Cultural Star City Project:

It is a large-scale project in cultural business, which is expected to make the creative industry as the core along with other supporting services in commerce, entertainment and catering industries. The project will cover an area of about 170 thousand square meters with a construction area of 400 thousand square meters, among which 120 thousand square meters of podium building will be used for commercial purpose while another 200 thousand square meters of high-rise and podium building for the core creative industry.


2.Baohua Plaza

Located near the intersection of Jiangnan Avenue , Changgang Road and across the Rosedale Hotel & Suites, Baohua Plaza is planned to build with 31 floors, among which, the six-storey podium building covers an area of 230 thousand square meters and is used for business. It will be mainly functioned in IT, household appliances, supermarket chain, cultural activity creation and catering industries. The other twenty-five-storey block will be constructed for residence and business (under construction). It is expected to seek hotel management firms for cooperative development.


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