Today is:2017-08-21
  International institutions raise expectations on China’s economic growth to highlight its economic d... 2017-08-04    
  Help six major industries grasp new application opportunities, strengthen blockchain for Guangzhou’... 2017-08-04    
  Enterprises to Enjoy Bonus up to RMB100 Million for Settlement in Tianhe 2017-07-18    
  Handelsblatt: Guangzhou, the World’s Best Area for Intelligent Manufacturing 2017-06-16    
  Remarkable Achievements Made in Building Nansha into High-Level Portal and Hub for Opening-Up 2017-06-08    
  Another National Fair CIEF Permanently Settles in Guangzhou 2017-05-26    
  Reports on Guangzhou Catch Eyeballs of 100 Million Worldwide Audience 2017-05-22    
  Guangzhou Wins the Right to Host the “Olympiad of World Port and Shipping Industry” 2017-05-15    
  Fortune 500 Corporations Swarm to Build Guangzhou Aviation Hub 2017-05-10    
  Guangzhou’s 17Q1 GDP Data Secure its 3rd Position in China 2017-05-03    
  Innovation Mode Accelerates Industrial Transformation and Upgrading, Gives Play of Advantages to For... 2017-04-10    
  Boosting Guangzhou-Foshan Integrated Development with New Development Concept 2017-04-10    
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