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              Invest Guangzhou International Advisors
  An exclusive interview of Harley Seyedin, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South Chi... 2017-02-16    
  “I’m a spokesman of Invest Guangzhou.” 2017-02-16    
  Guangzhou Needs to Give a Unique Card to the World 2017-02-16    
  Gong Yonde: Guangzhou’s Great Potential in Investment Attraction 2017-02-16    
  The Name List of The 6th International Advisor 2016-07-26    
  Cai zhaolin Presides Over Guangzhou Open Economy Symposium 2016-03-09    
  Director-General of Invest Guangzhou Meets with International Advisor Lin Weizhi 2015-11-23    
  Mr. Alberto Vettoretti Visits Invest Guangzhou 2014-09-12    
  Invest Guangzhou Team Visits Mr. David C. Whitwam 2014-09-12    
  Invest Guangzhou Team visits Mr. Ling Lunli 2014-09-12    
  International advisor Mr. David T. C. Lie visits Invest Guangzhou 2014-06-26    
  Invest Guangzhou representatives visit Mr. David T. C. Lie 2014-06-26    
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