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Invest Guangzhou Introduction


Established by the Guangzhou Municipal Government in April 2002, Guangzhou Municipal Board for International Investment is an official investment promotion institution which provides international investors with professional and multi-language services.


I. Participating in drawing up policies

We participate in drawing up policies regarding foreign investment promotion, foreign investment orientation and the improvement of investment environment.

II. Promoting two-side investments

We organize various activities at home and abroad so as to promote both in-bound and out-bound investments. We also provide consulting services for overseas investment projects of domestic enterprises.

III. Managing overseas subsidiaries

We assist GZBOFTEC with the management of all overseas subsidiaries.

三、Key Advantages

I. International Network

We have established and keep sound cooperative relationships with over 100 strategic partners all over the world.

II. Local Resources

We possess the latest first-hand information on the 12 districts of Guangzhou.

III. In-depth Industrial Analysis

We provide professional analysis on global new industries and on key industries of Guangzhou.

IV. Government Coordination

We help investors to coordinate with different bodies of the government and provide them with effective and suitable solutions.

V. Business Acumen

We offer tailor-made services for enterprises on the basis of a good understanding of what they need.


I. Publications & Website

With a serial of publications, such as Invest Guangzhou, Japanese Enterprises in Guangzhou, Korean Enterprises in Guangzhou, Singapore Enterprises in Guangzhou, New Guangzhou New Opportunities, and the multi-language official website of Invest Guangzhou, the latest information on investment environment and business opportunities are provided to international investors.

II. Invest Guangzhou Service Express

Foreign Investment Express Service is an effective mechanism that was initiated by Invest Guangzhou. With the great support of Guangzhou Government Affairs Center, this mechanism is actually an express way to solve problems involving administrative examination and approval, business expansion and development.

III. Invest GZ Expert Panel

Invest GZ Expert Panel is not only a new platform for the professionals to join invest GZ promotion, but also a new way to extend our double-win services. Experts in various fields such as law, tax, finance, venture investment, logistic service, human resources, project planning, project negotiation, industrial analysis, etc, are taken into the panel. In other words, we are able to offer professional services covering different areas.

五、Investment Environment

Guangzhou, also nicknamed as the Ram City, is a city with a history of over 2200 years. Known as a Commercial City with Thousands of Years, Guangzhou is also the starting point of the famous Maritime Silk Road.

Guangzhou is the south gateway of China and the provincial city of Guangdong province; it is also one of the 5 central cities of China;

Its economic strength ranked 3rd among Chinese mainland cities for 24 consecutive years;

It creates 1/38 of Chinas GDP, 1/33 of the total trade volume, 1/12 of the service trade volume, and 1/24 of the total FDI of China;

Statistics show that by the end of December 2012, as many as 23,268 foreign direct invested projects have been set up in Guangzhou and the actual inflow reached 60 billion USD. A total of 626 projects have been set up by 232 Fortune Global 500 companies, with a total investment of 41.26 billion USD.

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