Today is:2017-08-21
Vice Mayor Cai Chaolin Attended the 2017 Guangzhou Business Spring Assembly and Delivered a Speech
Release time : 2017-03-03
On the afternoon of February 23, the “2017 Guangzhou Business Spring Festival” hosted by the Guangzhou Commercial Association was held. Guangzhou business elite, the relevant departments of the municipal government, the consulate in Guangzhou and the overseas business association represents about 400 participants attended the meeting. Vice Mayor Cai Chaolin attended And delivered a speech, accompanied by the Director of Municipal Commercial Committee Chen Jie. Vice Mayor Cai Chaolin affirmed the contribution of Guangzhou commercial association for the commerce development in Guangzhou, and informed this year’s “Fortune” Global Forum will hold in Guangzhou, hoping Guangzhou commerce industry to seize the opportunity in the new year, take the initiative as a new development: First, take the initiative in the business format, business model, service content on the bold innovation, second, take the initiative to expand the effective supply of the market, high-quality goods and services supply, personalized supply and other aspects of active exploration, third, initiative to take efforts in promoting service consumption, quality consumption, green consumption and other aspects, fourth, take the initiative to improve the level of circulation information, standardization, intensive development, fifth, initiative to taken steps in strengthening the opening up cooperation, international business layout.
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, Feb. 27, 2017



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