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Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom
Release time : 2017-03-14
On March 11, 2017 local time, the Guangzhou urban image footage Guangzhou,Flower City in Bloom made a debut in the Times Square, New York and showcased Guangzhou’s charm as an international exchange center at the “world crossing”. Between March 13 and 14, as the host of the 2017 Fortune Global Forum, Guangzhou will hold promotion conferences in New York and Washington to introduce Guangzhou’s open-up and innovation to representatives of Fortune 500 corporations.
Between March 11 and 17 local time, the 30-second Guangzhou urban image footage Guangzhou,Flower City in Bloom will be played around the clock on the Chinese Screen in the Times Square to start its global premiere. Through a series of representative elements of Guangzhou, the footage will showcase the city’s urban image of comprehensive open-up and development, the city’s aim of building itself into a national important key center, hub-type network city and international exchange center, and the city’s hope of integration into global economic layout in the future.
The footage with the theme, also the English slogan, of “Guangzhou,Flower City in Bloom” intends to focus on the city’s charming and symbolic flowers, and signify the renowned Flower City, as an important open portal city in the world, is blooming brilliantly and actively.
It is learned that this is the first time that Guangzhou Fortune Global Forum Promotion Conference approaches Washington and New York, the heart of the US which is the world’s biggest economy, to introduce its urban development concept, business environment and open cooperation intention to the local Fortune 500 enterprises. In addition to the two promotion conferences, Guangzhou will also announce the establishment of the offices in the Silicon Valley and Boston as its work and liaison agencies in the west and east of the US. The offices are also the first agencies stationed abroad of Guangzhou. The offices will actively contact the sci-tech departments, agencies and enterprises of the local to promote the exchanges and cooperation in sci-tech innovation achievements, projects and talent and serve Guangzhou’s efforts for building itself into an international sci-tech innovation hub, and become “special envoys” and bridges for international sci-tech innovation and cooperation.  
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, Mar. 13, 2017



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