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Guangzhou to Establish Overseas Offices in the USA and Israel
Release time : 2017-03-15
This week, the promotion conferences for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou were held in New York and Washington, the United States. The image of Guangzhou will be shown on the Times Square, New York, and USA Today, a principal media of the United States. It was learnt that Guangzhou is planning to establish overseas offices in the United States and Israel. In addition to the Fortune Global Forum, it was announced that the APCAC Asia Pacific Business Summit will be held in Guangzhou, too.
It was learnt that Guangzhou has formed up a comprehensive and multi-level opening-up pattern covering a wide range of fields and developed into one of the areas with the highest-level opening-up and marketization in China. In the 2017 Special Report on the State of Business in South China and the 2017 “White Paper” on Business Environment in China released on March 1, the American Chamber of Commerce in South China highly praised the local market environment of Guangzhou and indicated that 48% of enterprise respondents showed interests in establishing new offices and service stores in Nansha New Area of Guangzhou within the coming one to three years.
Actually, the economic and trade ties between Guangzhou and the United States have been increasingly tightened. Taking GDD for example. It has more than 3,400 foreign-funded enterprises and 135 projects invested by Fortune 500 enterprises. Of these enterprises, there are a great number of US enterprises, including P&G, Amway, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Jabil and Baxter. Incomplete statistics indicated that the US-funded enterprises have launched more than 250 investment projects in GDD, with total investment of about USD4 billion. Therefore, GDD should be the area with the most concentrated investment from US-funded enterprises in South China.
To construct an international hub-type network city, Guangzhou is planning to establish offices in Silicon Valley and Boston, the United States. These offices, which are also the first overseas offices of Guangzhou, will be inaugurated on March 14, aiming to enhance the cooperation and exchange between Guangzhou and European and American countries in scientific and technological achievements, projects and talents. In addition, Guangzhou is also planning to establish overseas offices in Israel, mainly focusing on cooperation in science and technology development to promote the transformation from “working behind closed doors” to “opening doors to make innovation”.
“Guangzhou is one of the most vigorous Chinese cities with market spirit,” said Dr. Harley Seyedin, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China and vice Chairman of U.S.-China Economic and Trade Policy of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce. As planned, the 2017 APCAC Asia Pacific Business Summit will be held in April in Guangzhou. A number of enterprises based in different countries have promised to attend it, and their total annual sales is more than USD600 billion.
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, March 14, 2017



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