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Two RMB10b Level Projects Settle in Nansha, Predicted to Bring RMB1 Trillion-plus Industrial Investment
Release time : 2017-03-20
On March 15, when the two sessions have just concluded, Guangzhou signed four heavyweight strategic agreements in Beijing. AsiaInfo Big Data Global Headquarters and CRHC Central Enterprise Operation and Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd. will be established in Nansha. According to Nansha Investment Promotion Bureau, these two enterprises which boast RMB10 billion of investment have completed registration. It is predicted they will bring more than RMB1 trillion of industrial investment to Nansha when they are established.
On that day, Guangzhou municipal government and China Reform Holding Corporation Ltd. (CRHC), China Galaxy Financial Holdings Company Limited, China Securities Inter-agency Quotation System Co. Ltd., China Huadian Corporation, AsiaInfo, Inc. signed four strategic cooperation agreements to inject fuel to Guangzhou’s efforts in building the strategic hub of international shipping, international aviation and international scientific and technological innovation from the aspects of investment management, finance, energy and big data.
CRHC fund to bring RMB1 trillion investment
CRHC plans to establish CRHC Central Enterprise Operation and Investment Fund in Guangzhou. The total investment will reach RMB150 billion, and the Phase I RMB50 billion. It plans to complete investment in three to five years and will design the further fund-raising according to the fund operation and investment progress. The fund is under the limited partnership and the term of operation will be 10 years.
On December 29, 2016, CRHC established the CRHC Central Enterprise Operation and Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd. Established on December 22, 2010, CRHC is a central enterprise directly under the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, a wholly state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council and one of the investment institutions authorized by the central government. It shoulders a special mission in promoting the central enterprises’ restructuring and innovative development. The cooperation goals of both parties include: attracting central enterprise capital to participate in construction of Guangzhou. In line with agreement between Guangzhou and CRHC, Guangzhou will enjoy the priority of 20% investment of the CRHC fund under the same investment conditions. Through the means of establishing sub-funds jointly, they will lead the social investment to bolster RMB1 trillion investment and enhance Guangzhou enterprises’ vitality. By building the mutual beneficial cooperation platform between Guangzhou capital and central enterprises, CRHC will guide the investment projects out of Guangzhou to settle in Guangzhou. It will lead the financial projects to Guangzhou. CRHC will guide the comprehensive financial service platforms of the central enterprises, accounting firms of the central enterprises, commercial factoring companies, Internet financial network platforms and other financial enterprises to settle in Guangzhou.
Nansha to establish the big data global headquarters
Through the strategic cooperation with AsiaInfo, Guangzhou will facilitate the efforts of building the international scientific and technological innovation hub and hub-type network city so as to build Guangzhou into a power of big data with international competitiveness.
According to the agreements, AsiaInfo plans to invest RMB3 billion to establish AsiaInfo Data Global Headquarters in Nansha as the center of R&D, talent, operation and service of the global business of AsiaInfo Data, comprehensively integrate the data resources and technology of AsiaInfo across the world, form a world leading big data industrial eco-sphere, core experimental area and talent base in Nansha by further upgrading the business functions and improving the industrial chain.
AsiaInfo South China Headquarters Project will also be located in Nansha. According to AsiaInfo’s plan, it will gradually establish the IT technological service and R&D teams with more than 5000 employees in Nansha within three years, form the industrial size of more than RMB10 billion, and help Nansha gradually build a world leading big data based modern information technology new highland by tapping the industrial leading role. It also plans to develop the world leading artificial intelligence (AI) industry in Nansha and give full play to its technical and innovative advantages and take a lead in building the big data based AI advanced research institute, establish AI industrial park, and lead the AI industry of Guangzhou to develop rapidly. Established in 1993, AsiaInfo is a world leading provider of IT solutions and services, and built China’s first  national commercial Internet backbone ChinaNet, first broad band IP-CNCNet, first mobile IP Internet backbone etc. AsiaInfo accounts for about 75% market shares of the data and software services of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom and provide supports for more than 1 billion subscribers in over 10 countries such as China, the UK, Denmark, Hungary and India. AsiaInfo Data Company is a subsidiary dedicating to the big data business and operation and is China’s largest independent big data company and the biggest software provider of the data field in the telecommunication industry of China.
Why choose Nansha, Guangzhou? Dr Edward Tian, executive chairman of AsiaInfo said Guangzhou is a millennial old commercial city and the forefront of reform and opening up, an important central city, international commercial and trade center and comprehensive transportation hub of China, important advanced manufacturing base and electronic information industrial base, and boasts huge advantages on R&D, technology, innovation, service, talent, market, logistics and transportation. In the circumference of 100km with Nansha as the center, there are 11 big cities and five international airports of the Pearl River Delta, boasting distinctive geographic advantages. Nansha is a complex of the pilot area of China Free Trade Zone, national new district, bonded port, economic and technological development zone, and high and new technology industrial development zone. It is characterized by high level of opening up, strong attraction, obvious advantages of pioneering and pilot, and stands at the forefront of the new round of high level opening up together with Pudong, Shanghai, and Binhai New District, Tianjin. It has formed a good booming momentum. Meanwhile, Nansha district government has offered all-round support on the land, talent, industrial and financial aspects. All these provide a good environment for AsiaInfo to choose Nansha.
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, March 17, 2017  



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