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Guangzhou Wins the Right to Host the “Olympiad of World Port and Shipping Industry”
Release time : 2017-05-15
On the occasion of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing, Guangzhou Port, which flourished and developed because of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, embraced a good news of development. On May 12, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) officially declared that the 31st World Ports Conference (WPC) will be held in Guangzhou in 2019. 
The WPC is lauded the Olympiad of the international ports and shipping industry, and its members include 180 harbors and more than 140 port-related industrial institutions from nearly 90 countries. Going through the application procedures with nearly two years, Guangzhou finally won the right to host 2019 WPC. This is the second time for a Chinese city to hold the event since it was held in Shanghai in 2005. At that time, representatives of the world ports and shipping circle will get together in Guangzhou to exchanges information and share experiences.
Kieran Ring, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Institute of Logistics (GIL), is looking forward to the event, “This will be a new chance for us to learn more about Guangzhou Port- an international port ranking the world’s 6th in terms of the annual throughput in a near distance.”
WPC Sponsor: expects Guangzhou Port to work with the world
From May 7 to 12, the WPC 2017 was held at Bali, Indonesia. The conference has invited more than 600 representatives from port administrations and enterprises across the world. The participants exchanged views on the green port, smart port and other issues of common concern. At the conference, Mr. Santiago Garcia Milà, President of IAPH, officially declared to hold the 31st WPC at Guangzhou in 2019.
Guangzhou Port is the only port that has been prosperous for more than 2000 years in the world maritime shipping history. “Guangzhou prospered because of the port while the port flourished with the city”. As one of the starting points of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou has contributed to the world economic prosperity and development by tapping its concentration and influence in logistics, economic and trade development. Because having attached great importance to opening up, exchange, sharing and cooperation, Guangzhou Port has been highly recognized and appraised for its development by the members of the council of IAPH.
Milà said excitedly when receiving the interview, “Guangzhou is a great city and has realized rapid economic growth in the past 20 years. Holding WPC 2019 in Guangzhou is in favor with the general public. I am looking forward to a successful and unforgettable WPC in Guangzhou.” As the vice chairman of the Port of Barcelona, Spain, Milà said the Port of Barcelona has established the friendly partnership with Guangzhou long time ago. 
Mr. Susumu Naruse, Secretary General of IAPH, once visited Guangzhou at the end of 2015 and had deep impression to the rapid growth of Nansha Port Area. “We all know Guangzhou Port is the largest port of south China, and a center of China’s maritime shipping system. It has taken an important position among the world ports. Wish a great success of the WPC in Guangzhou.” He said Guangzhou Port is full of vitality and has rich management experience. He also hoped the experience from IAPH could be helpful for future development of Guangzhou Port. On the basis of consensus, Guangzhou Port and other ports across the world cooperate with each other and share experience to create a brilliant future together.
Guangzhou Port: welcome guests across the world with a new look
Kieran Ring said the westerners started to learn about Guangzhou from the Canton Fair and it has been a long time. “I am looking forward to seeing the top management professionals of the world port circle to get together in Guangzhou in 2019.” “This will be a new opportunity for us to know Guangzhou Port - an international port ranking the world’s 6th position in terms of the annual throughput in a close distance, and also bring a platform for the world port managers to express their views and explore development.”
Just as what international port and shipping experts said, Guangzhou has realized growth in recent three years against the downturn of the international shipping industry. It has maintained 4%-5% growth in the cargo throughput, and 6%-7% growth in the container throughput, ranking among the world’s top in terms of the growth rate. In 2016 Guangzhou Port has handled 544 million tons of cargo in total and totally 18.86 million TEUs, ranking the 6th and 7th of the world, respectively.
At present, Guangzhou Port has professional container, bulk cargo, petrochemicals and vehicle Ro/Ro transportation berths, and -17m sea-routes, meeting requirements of the world’s largest container carriers. Guangzhou Port launched the international cruise tourism at the beginning of 2016, and has completed berthing of 104 cruises totally and transported 326,000 passengers in total. It jumped to the third in terms of the cruise passenger size in China.
“Today Guangzhou Port has met 38 friends across the world and established friendly ties them,  engaged seaborne trade with more than 400 ports from more than 100 countries and regions and opened nearly 200 domestic and foreign trade container routes,” said a director of Guangzhou Port Administration. It has signed the three-port alliance cooperation agreement with Los Angeles Port, the United States and Auckland Port, New Zealand. Encouraged by the Ministry of Transport, Guangzhou Port has established the China-Malaysia Port Alliance with main ports of Malaysia such as Port Klang as one of the Chinese ports, and set up Guangzhou- Antwerp Port Educational Consulting Firm with Antwerp Port Training Center of Belgium and others, and established the high-end long-term shipping talent exchange and training mechanism.
The director said, “It will be a good opportunity for Guangzhou Port to showcase itself by hosting the WPC. At that time, Guangzhou International Shipping Center and International Shipping Hub will have taken shape and Guangzhou Port will welcome guests from he world port and shipping industry with a new look. Welcome to Guangzhou in 2019.”
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Known as the Olympiad of the international port and shipping industry, the World Ports Conference is a biennial event initiated by the IAPH and invites representatives from renowned ports and shipping institutions across the world. To date 30 sessions have been hosted by renowned international port cities such as Houston and Los Angeles of the United States, Genoa, Italy, Sydney, Australia, Hamburg, Germany and Bali, Indonesia.
IAPH was founded in Los Angeles in 1955, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a non-profitable non-governmental organization. Its goals include developing and fostering good relationship among international ports, and improving the port efficiency by means of exchanging new technologies on port development, organization, administration and management. It is granted the special consultative status by the United Nations. At present, IAPH has 180 port members and 140 port-related industrial institutions from nearly 90 countries across the globe.



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