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Another National Fair CIEF Permanently Settles in Guangzhou
Release time : 2017-05-26
The 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair(short for CIEF hereinafter) will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center between May 26 and May 27. Upon the state-level approval, CIEF will be officially permanently held in Guangzhou. It is another state-level fair held in Guangzhou in addition to the golden brand Canton Fair.
Guangdong is making all efforts to build a national sci-tech industrial innovation center. To play a leading role in innovation-driven development, Guangzhou is accelerating the clustering and influence of innovative resources. Relying on CIEF’s permanent settlement in Guangzhou, Guangdong had one more field to connect the world and attract global innovative resources.
Guangzhou has another state-level fair
China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair(CIEF), sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of the Jiu San(Sept. 3rd) Society, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, is a high-end, international, industrialized fair for innovation and entrepreneurship achievements with market as the direction, exhibition trade as the means, implementation and transformation as the objective, and all-round services as the characteristics to pool important resources on innovation and entrepreneurship projects, technologies, capitals, talent, information and other “trade chains” for exhibition trade.
During the past two years, CIEF had attracted a number of domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship elites to Guangzhou with their project achievements, set up new platforms for linking industries, universities, institutes and users, boosted the matching trade of technologies, projects, talent and other innovative resources, drove the transformation and implementation of a group of high-end scientific research achievements, and gave full play of Guangzhou’s function as a millennial commercial capital, an innovation hot land and an international sci-tech innovation hub.
Guangzhou’s obvious advantages of good business environment, high internationalization degree, high-end industrial layout and powerful resource and element concentration are the important reasons for the settlement of CIEF in the city. CIEF becomes another state-level fair held in Guangzhou in addition to the world-famous Canton Fair.
Great “magnet effect” of the innovation hub
Based on the previous two sessions, CIEF will have a comprehensive improvement this year. With “innovation Guangzhou, win-win cooperation” as the theme, CIEF will have an exhibition area of about 20,000 square meters and a dazzling show of more than 1,300 sci-tech and innovation achievements and projects. In addition, 30 special activities will be held during the CIEF. 
In comparison with the previous sessions, CIEF highlights high-end, international and industrialized exhibitions this year. More than 230 innovative sci-tech projects from Russia, Ukraine, the UK and other countries will be exhibited. Global cutting-edge sci-tech achievements from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new energy, bio-medicine and other fields will enable the audience to feel the global innovation “pulse”. Persons in charge of venture capital, entrepreneurship capital institutions and enterprises including IDG, Jiangmen, Softbank Asia, Northern Light Venture Capital, Innoangel Fund, UrWork were invited to be VIPs of The 2nd China(Guangzhou) International Venture Capital Round Table. More than 10 academicians will attend the First Flower City Forum: Animal Bioreactor Technology International Summit. Meanwhile, GAC Group, Pearl River Piano Group, EHang and other local enterprises exhibited their latest sci-tech achievements.
By May 25, during the CIEF, a total of 60 projects had reached cooperation intention with estimated settlement and transformation amount of about 5.4 billion yuan, consisting of 42 projects in Guangzhou with estimated amount of 4.2 billion yuan and 18 projects(11 of them are project achievements of Guangzhou) in other regions with estimated amount of 1.2 billion yuan. Both the number of projects with cooperation intention and the number of settle-down projects has seen obvious increase.
This year, Guangzhou took the lead and applied new modes to help the accurate matching between technologies and industries. The CIEF will hold China’s first IPR and Technology Auction to offer online and offline auction of intellectual property right(IPR) and relevant technologies. Guangdong Provincial 12th Congress of Party Representatives proposed to forge a national IPR trade center, improve the mechanism for the discovery, evaluation, transformation and operation of IPR, build a range of operation platforms with international influence, improve IPR protection during application intensification, and collect more innovative achievements to Guangdong for transformation. The increasingly improved and characteristic IPR services of Guangzhou have made the city an important window for attract new technologies and achievements
Guangzhou vigorously forges five global trade platforms
This year, Guangzhou, centering around the master objective of building a national central city, is striving in building a hub-type network city, focusing on building international hubs for shipping, aviation and sci-tech innovation, attracting global high-end elements including industries, talent, capital and technologies, influencing the Pearl River Delta and leading the development of the whole province. So far, Guangzhou is vigorously forging five global trade platforms.
The annually-held CIEF, based on South China and the Pearl River Delta to link global innovation resources, becomes another national brand event in addition to the Canton Fair and Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology(OCS Guangzhou). Canton Fair, focusing on commodity trade, is a golden brand for Guangzhou’s opening-up and enables Guangzhou to be one of China’s most renowned cities in the world. Throughout the past 60 years, Canton Fair has achieved total turnover of $1.2 trillion and become the world’s No. 1 trade event with a turnover of nearly $30 billion for one session.
China(Guangzhou) International Finance Expo, as a combination of Guangzhou Sci-tech Financial Roadshow, Guangzhou OTC Enterprises Roadshow, promotion meetings for Youth Entrepreneurship Board project, cross-border projects and Guangzhou innovation projects, and Guangzhou Youth Entrepreneurship Contest etc., builds bridges to link sci-tech innovation projects, innovation and entrepreneurship projects with capitals and boost the realization of projects. It is another attractive urban name card of Guangzhou.
Through 20-year development and evolution, OCS Guangzhou has become China’s biggest, highest, most influential and most extensive platform for exchanges of overseas talents. From 2016, OCS Guangzhou switched to serve various global talent from only serving returned Chinese students before.
The Art Fair, a collection of cultures, is an important vane for observing the art market in southern China or even the whole country. Works from overseas outstanding art institutions are exhibited at the fair. In recent years, the Art Fair has kept on improving in terms of participation and influence.
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