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Liwan releases artificial intelligence industrial map
Release time : 2017-09-11
Making efforts on “IAB” industry, Liwan focuses on artificial intelligence. On September 3, Future Created by Intelligence: Liwan Artificial Intelligence Development Conference 2017 was held at Liwan District Government conference Center, sponsored by Liwan District Committee, District Government, undertaken by Science and Technology, Industrial, Commerce and Informatization Bureau of Liwan District and VIPS (China) Co., Ltd. By the forms of artificial intelligence products’ spot demonstration, experts’ keynote speech and symposium sessions, the artificial intelligence development achievements are presented and major program of lasting importance on artificial intelligence industrial development in Liwan jointly discussed, also the platform of exchange and interactions for present enterprises built up at the conference.
At the conference, Liwan District released its opinions on the artificial intelligence industrial development and industrial map, VIPS together with relevant artificial intelligence teams, associations, colleges and universities as well as risk investment and venture capital investment companies propose to form artificial intelligence international exchange and cooperation alliance. The layout of Liwan artificial intelligence industrial is to exert its advantage of being adjacent to the industrial belt with advanced equipment manufacturing in the west of Pearl River, actively connect with the demands from manufacturing intelligence upgrading of the west of Pearl River, strive to become the service provider and forerunner of artificial intelligence of advanced manufacturing in the west of Pearl River.
Giving priority to the development of “AI+” e-commerce, massive health industrial, advanced manufacturing
From the Liwan District artificial intelligence industrial planning map, we could see the planning of artificial intelligence in Liwan District combines the development of new economic and commercial activities, such as a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, biological medicine and massive health, new energy, new material and etc. within the District in recent years.
Among the opinions of artificial intelligence industrial development in Liwan District, the target of the artificial intelligence industrial development in Liwan District is specified. In the following 3 to 5 years, depended on the application advantages of big data, artificial intelligence from leading enterprises, such as VIPS, Pearl River Piano, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited and etc., in consideration of its regional characteristics, Liwan District will give priority in developing artificial intelligence industrial in aspects of “AI+” e-commerce, “AI+” massive health industrial, “AI+” advanced manufacturing in Liwan District.
Wherein, “AI+” e-commerce mainly relies on the advantage of e-commerce accumulation area with industrial demonstration base at national level in Huadihe to exert demonstrating and driving role of e-commerce leading enterprises, such as VIPS, LV SHOU, 7LK and etc. in new trend of artificial intelligence field, on the basis of data, by means of image identification, natural language understanding, unmanned logistics, analysis of e-commerce big data, impelling the intellectualized reconstruction of research and development design, manufacturing and supply chain management and other links; “AI+” massive health industrial mainly utilizes the advantage of original health and medicine industrial in Liwan District, combining the construction of Datansha healthy and ecology island and medicine harbor to explore the development of artificial intelligence in health industrial filed and further promote the development of massive health in the fields of precision medicine, intelligence interrogation and other subsection fields; “AI+” advanced manufacturing mainly plays the innate advantage of bordering advanced manufacturing industrial belt of “six cities and one region” at the west bank of Pearl River, contributing to advanced manufacturing in the west of Pearl River by locating itself as artificial intelligence service provider.
The correlative principal from Science and Technology, Industrial, Commerce and Informatization Bureau of Liwan District denotes, the development layout of Liwan artificial intelligence industrial space planning is conducted by three phases in the future: at the first phase, taking Science and Technology Square in Liwan District as carrier with the initial planning of 2,000 to 50,000 square meters, giving priority to construct Liwan artificial intelligence incubation base and VIPS artificial intelligence research and development base to perfect artificial intelligence research and development and incubation service ecosphere in Liwan District; at the second phase, taking “new three board” Mansion in south China and risk investment and venture capital investment centre, Liby IA Science and Technology Comprehensive Park, south of Five Ridges V valley and etc. as carriers, putting emphasis on introducing artificial intelligence innovation center and “new three board” of artificial intelligence and science and technology enterprises entering; at the third phase, taking Liwan International Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Zone with the area of 17 square kilometers as carrier, prioritizing the starting area of Science and Innovation Zone, connecting with the construction of “national innovative central city” to push the development and aggregation of artificial intelligence industrials in Liwan District by means of industrial planning guidance, land consolidation and reserve, industrial funds support and etc..
Multiple artificial intelligent projects were signed on site.
The layout of Liwan artificial intelligent industrial attracts concerns from enterprises in the industry. Inspur Group whose core products are servers and software has developed cooperation relationship with Liwan District in the respect of big data cloud computing at some extend, setting up the big data platform of government affairs. Sun Haibo, Deputy President of Inspur Group concurrently General Manager of Guangdong Branch expresses, big data is the means of production for artificial intelligence and then, the investment will be reinforced and some companies related to intelligent city will be founded in Liwan.
At present, Liwan has a new generation of information technology, nine projects with intelligent manufacturing types are under negotiation, including Beidou Science and Technology Park, Tusincere Science and Technology Park, Lanxin Group, Huaxia Happiness and so on.
At the conference, a series of cooperation agreements related to the future development of artificial intelligence industrial in Liwan District are officially signed. “strategic cooperation agreement” on joint construction of artificial intelligent research and development base is signed by Liwan District Government and VIPS, the joint construction of “artificial intelligence incubation base in Liwan District” cooperative agreement signed by Science and Technology, Industrial, Commerce and Informatization Bureau of Liwan District and Jinan University, joint construction agreement of “VIPS artificial intelligent incubation research center” signed by VIPS Research Institute and Union of Industrial Parks in Liwan District, construction agreement of joint construction on artificial intelligence and manufacturing industrial parks signed by Liby Group Science and Technology Park and Guangzhou Manufactures Association, product research project signed by Bluearc Animation and Finland Future Coding Company, industrial cooperation signed by Guangzhou Micro Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinan University, and settle agreement is signed by Liwan Chamber of Commerce of Industrial Parks and 5 major teams of VIPS.
Science and Technology, Industrial, Commerce and Informatization Bureau of Liwan District denotes, Liwan will conduct all-dimensional ecosphere construction of artificial intelligence industrial at the next step, including speeding up the construction of promoting innovation carrier, perfecting talents supporting system, strengthening intellectual property protection, accelerating industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, completing science and technology financial supporting services. Especially, Baietan Industrial Financial Innovation Zone will provide powerful financial support to artificial intelligence enterprises and International Science and Technology Innovation Zone will furnish wider space for the development of artificial intelligence enterprises. Simultaneously, multiple industrial parks in Liwan District give preferential policy for enterprises, including rent concession, talent support, tutor service, technology supporting and so on.
What is the ultimate expectation on the attracting numerous artificial intelligence resources gathered in Liwan? The correlative principal from Science and Technology, Industrial, Commerce and Informatization Bureau of Liwan District denotes Liwan intends to forge an accumulation area providing productive service to artificial intelligence enterprises from reconstruction of manufacturing enterprises in the six cities and one region in the west of Pearl River.
“According to the previous investigation and research, the planning comprises different industrials from six cities and one region in the west of Pearl River and formulates the relevant artificial intelligence industrial orientation such as intelligent sensor, mechanical arm, machine vision, unmanned intelligent control system, intelligent logistics distribution and so on.” the relevant principal says, such region will gather high-end talents in the field of artificial intelligence and research and development institutes in the future.
The reason for Foshan Xincode Technology Co., Ltd. set up its Research and Development Department in Liwan last year is that the advantage of Liwan attracting professional talents. Chen Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Xincode Technology expresses, more resources are available for the company with the development of artificial intelligent industrial development in Liwan.
■ At the scene
VIPS forges pilotless package delivery automobiles
Choosing a piece of song, following the procedural guidance, even a person with zero basis of piano could play musical composition in a short time. A robot by the side of exhibition is dancing with musical sound of piano spreading in the hall, it is the small E robot developed by Guangzhou Atlas Message Technology Co., Ltd.. Intelligence piano of Pearl River Piano and educational robot of Altas, and other artificial intelligence products from Guangzhou Hiscene and other 17 enterprises are exhibited at artificial intelligent development conference. Also, Leijia’s 3D printing products which were recently awarded as advanced manufacturing, the first place of artificial intelligence in Guangzhou Yangcheng Science and Technology Cup madae a stage pose at the conference.
Apart from, artificial intelligent products are available for personal experience on the scene. VIPS and Pearl River Piano release their newest artificial intelligent products at the conference.In order to efficiently reduce distribution costs, VIPS researches and developments a type of pilotless automobile with autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance functions, by cooperation with Autonomous Robot Lab of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Sino-US Global Logistics Institute.
Huang Yanlin, Chief Technology Officer of VIPS, introduced VIPS intelligent pilotless package delivery automobiles had 20 express storage spaces for free combination, which is efficiently compatible of all package cube types received by VIPS at present, equal to a courier’s normal one-way workload. Simultaneously, in the course of driving, pilotless automobile could realize the dynamic update of route plan if it receives adding or deleting task.
Huang Yanlin said, the pilotless automobiles of VIPS is at the commissioning stage by far, which could independently accomplish a series of order distribution process, including automatically planning optimal route, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance and so on, realizing humanized experience functions, such as intelligent appointment of taking delivery of goods, inspection and rejection and etc.. VIPS will further increase the investment on pilotless express automobile and expand the operation scope and perfect terminal distribution problems within the last mile in the future.
On the exhibition scene, the exhibited digital pianos of Pearl River Piano with fair-sounding tone and original intelligent learning system—piano cloud class drew many people’s attention and stirred up the passion of present people to learn from the “cloud” teacher.
Mai Yanyu, Deputy General Manager of Pearl River Piano concurrently Chairman of Music Fun Science and Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the piano cloud class consisted of audio and video identification, AI technology combined with hardware equipment “piano camera”. In virtue of the “piano eye”, the cloud class could play the functions of personification accompanying training and error correction with the accuracy rate reaching 98%. Specific to the accompanying training link, on the basis of ensuring accuracy rate, comments and interaction are added. Also the student’s aptitude and bottleneck could be rapidly judged within the sample. In addition to this, it had the core functions, such as famous teacher pedagogy, playback of recording lecture and so on. The piano cloud class system is predicted to be officially released in November this year.

Source: Invest Guangzhou, Sept. 4, 2017



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