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Guangzhou Signs Cooperation Agreements with Large Enterprises
Release time : 2017-03-20
On the afternoon of March 15, the People’s Government of Guangzhou signed investment and cooperation agreements with a number of enterprises in Beijing. These enterprises include: China Reform Holdings Corporation Ltd, China Galaxy Financial Holdings Company Limited and China Securities Inter-agency Quotation System Company Limited, China Huadian Corporation and Asiainfo Times Science and Technology Corporation. Hu Chunhua, secretary of the CPC Guangdong Committee, Xiao Yaqing, chairman of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), and Ma Xingrui, governor of Guangdong, attended the activity and witnessed the signing of the agreements.
In accordance with the agreement, China Reform Holdings Corporation Ltd is planning to establish China Reform Central Enterprise Operation and Investment Fund in Guangzhou to guide social capitals to make investment in central and local state-owned enterprises and high-quality national enterprises to preserve and increase the value of state-owned capitals and social capitals.
China Galaxy Financial Holdings Company Limited and China Securities Inter-agency Quotation System Company Limited will establish their southern headquarters, the quotation system private equity market, bulk public commodity market and venture capital investment base in Guangzhou International Financial City to further develop and improve the modern financial service system of Guangzhou.
China Huadian Corporation will make investment in Guangzhou to construct the gas-fired CCHP project in Zengcheng and the distributed energy station in Wanbo Business District of Panyu District, establish a financial branch at Guangzhou International Financial City, establish a specialized equipment manufacturing company, build the smart equipment manufacturing industry base and set up the South China (regional) headquarters for smart manufacturing.
Asiainfo Times Science and Technology Corporation is planning to make investment in Nansha District to build the global headquarters of Asiainfo Data to carry and integrate existing global business foundation and teams of Asiainfo Data and form up a world-leading big data industry ecosystem, a core pilot site for the development of China’s big data industry and a base for concentration of talents in Nansha District.
Meng Jianmin, vice chairman of SASAC, leading officials from the People’s Government of Guangdong including Xu Shaohua, Lin Shaochun, Lan Fo’an and Yuan Baocheng, Guangzhou’s mayor Wen Guohui and people in charge of related enterprises including Liu Dongsheng, Chen Gongyan, Zhao Jianguo and Tian Suning attended the activity and witnessed the singing of the agreements. Chen Zhiying, executive vice mayor of Guangzhou, signed the agreements on behalf of the People’s Government of Guangzhou. Wang Dong, vice mayor of Guangzhou, presided over the ceremony. Ye Niuping, secretary general of the People’s Government of Guangzhou, attended the activity.
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, March 16, 2017



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