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Panyu District Makes New Breakthroughs in Investment Promotion
Release time : 2017-01-19
Panyu District has innovated in investment promotion mechanism, planned investment promotion resources as a whole, focused on industry chain- and new business mode-based investment promotion, and guided the rapid clustering development of high-end industries. In 2016, a total of 37 projects with estimated gross investment of about 33 billion yuan including Fortune 500 corporation Cisco and its 10 global partners, IBM Industrial Internet Joint Innovation Center, Guangdong Pearl and Jade Transaction Center and headquarters of Guangzhou Inspection and Test Certification Group, and 17 venture equity investment funds worthy of about 63.3 billion yuan,  were ushered in to the district successfully. The district is actively following up 33 projects with gross investment of 17.2 billion yuan including headquarters base of CRCC Harbour & Channel Engineering Bureau Group Co.Ltd., Inspur South China Central Operating Headquarters, and South China Headquarters. The district has worked in five aspects. First, rolling out industrial chain-based investment promotion with Cisco and YYLive as the leading goats to help Cisco, CCI and multiple enterprises in registration and settlement, and attracting 18 elite enterprises in YYlive’s industrial chain including Juhui Info and with total registered capital of over 8.8 billion yuan to move in. Second, energetically carrying out Internet+, big data, cloud computing, sci-tech finance and other new business mode-based investment promotion, ushering in Mi Internet Advertising Headquarters, Shengjing360 South China Headquarters, Overseas Chinese Offshore Commodity Transaction Center and other projects, and leveraging new business mode economy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Third, actively developing building economy, comprehensively linking with Wanbo Business District and other big platforms and private-run sci-tech parks to activate project owners’ in investment promotion, collecting investment promotion and resource information in an all-around mode, publicizing investment promotion ads on websites and TV stations to accelerate the utilization of investment promotion resources and continuously improve the application rate and output rate of buildings. Fourth, launching new investment promotion evaluation standards, improving investment promotion service network, setting up investment promotion WeChat groups and QQ groups to strengthen communication, and spreading advanced investment promotion service experience of towns and sub-districts to offer good services to move-in enterprises by all means. Fifth, energetically carrying out convention and exhibition-based investment promotion, successfully holding the 2016 Guangzhou International Investment Conference Panyu Promotion Meeting, Cisco Panyu Smart City cum Manufacturing Cloud Partners Communication Meeting, and Investing in Panyu Promotion for Cisco Greater China Partners etc., reaching cooperation intention with 20 partners of Cisco including DHC, and attracting numerous enterprises to swarm into Panyu for development.
Source: Translated from Invest Guangzhou, Jan. 17, 2017



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